Strike Force Services are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for workers and others, with the aim of continually improving work health, safety and welfare standards.

Workers will be provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their jobs to the required standards. We will provide the resources for workers to participate in training programs conducted on and off site.

Training programs will be organised in consultation with operational managers, supervisors and workers or in line with our training and development plans. All workers are eligible to attend training courses relevant to their required tasks. Attendance is not determined by length of service, but by operational and individual needs.

It is our policy to provide a level of service and product quality that completely satisfies customer needs and expectations. It is only through the continual achievement of this objective that Strike Force Services will prosper.

We shall conduct a training needs analysis so as to determine the training requirements for workers. We recognise that the skills and knowledge of workers are beneficial to the success and prosperity of our operations.

Staff development and training opportunities are made available on an equitable basis considering the benefits for individual staff members, cost centres and divisions. Participation in staff development may at times be required for operational reasons and to address equal opportunity, industrial and legislative requirements.

We will seek to apply the knowledge and skills learnt through staff development and training activities to:

  • Discuss development plans with supervisors with a view to agreeing to a general program and level of involvement for a suitable planning period
  • Provide evaluation/feedback on activities and programs in which our employee’s participate.

For the benefits of all our employees, we will:

  • Allocate resources including finance and time
  • Develop core training elements which identify the minimum level of training employees will be given so they can effectively perform their work and meet their obligations
  • Training needs analysis in consultation with the target group.
  • Content of training will be appropriate but shall meet the trainee’s language, literacy and numeracy skills, level of existing knowledge and level of detail.
  • The training needs analysis shall ascertain the language and technical skills and the understanding of the people to be trained.
  • Strike Force Services has a skills based program with management to decide what is classified as a skill.
  • Management will decide if and when a trainee is qualified for a skill.