Strike Force Services is committed to the aim of exceeding customer expectations in terms of response, operational capability and cost effectiveness at all times. The company is committed to improving its processes in all facets of its business.

The company also acknowledges its responsibility to abide by statutory requirements for health, safety and the environment in all its operations. At the same time, it is fundamental to the company’s long term prosperity that it realises an adequate financial return on shareholders’ investments and acts as a responsible corporate citizen.

To assist in achieving these objectives outlined in the statement above, Strike Force Services is implementing quality management systems throughout the organisation. The Quality Manual describes the basis for the company quality system and ensures that customer and relevant regulatory requirements will be consistently met. ISO 9001 – 2015 provides the structure of the quality system and allows integration of both Work Health and Safety and Environmental management systems. The system incorporates safety and training programs to enhance worker skills and assist in the selection of the optimum equipment, materials and methods for customers’ particular applications.

Achieving and maintaining certification of the quality management system in accordance with the standard is to be the aim of all operating centres within the company. To this end, all workers are invited to cooperate in the preparation of suitable documentation and the review of operating methods.

Strike Force Services management is pursuing the implementation of this Quality Policy and believes that through Quality Assurance the company will be able to raise the level of service to its customers and maintain its competitive edge.