Strike Force Services is committed to a clean and healthy environment and recognises its responsibility to conduct operations that will not cause harm to the earth’s environment and be protective of its natural resources.

Our approach to environmental management seeks continuous improvement in performance with consideration of evolving scientific knowledge and community expectations.

For the benefits of all our workers, subcontractors, stakeholders, clients and the community, our objectives are to:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation, licences, regulations, standards and site requirements.
  • Establish and endeavour to meet objectives and targets related to environmental performance and monitor our environmental performance against our targets and objectives.
  • Communicate openly with all regulatory bodies and stakeholders to ensure the development of an informed and balanced view of our activities.
  • Consider environmental factors, energy efficiency and disposal costs, when making planning, purchasing and operational decisions.
  • Provide workers with the training, information, resources and responsibilities necessary to achieve environmental objectives and targets.
  • Aim to recycle, reuse, recover or reduce waste at our operations, client’s sites and with suppliers.
  • Evaluate current technology, products and raw materials for waste minimisation and review proper handling and disposal techniques for existing wastes.
  • Continuously improve the Integrated Management System through a process of review and revision.